Sex Time And Radio: The Raw Uncut Story of an On-Air Personality and the Decline of the Radio Industry Marcus Chapman


Published: July 14th 2010


452 pages


Sex Time And Radio: The Raw Uncut Story of an On-Air Personality and the Decline of the Radio Industry  by  Marcus Chapman

Sex Time And Radio: The Raw Uncut Story of an On-Air Personality and the Decline of the Radio Industry by Marcus Chapman
July 14th 2010 | Nook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 452 pages | ISBN: | 5.17 Mb

If Youve Turned On a Radio in the Past 20 Years You Want to Read This Book!Sex Time And Radio is an All Access VIP Pass through the world of urban radio written by Marcus Chapman, a music historian and on-air personality heard in Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis, and Atlanta- plus near stops in Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and North Carolina.

But this tell-all book makes you the air personality. It contains encounters with celebrities like Dr. Dre, Aaliyah, Beyonce, Vivica Fox, Keyshia Cole, Luther Vandross, LL Cool J, Erykah Badu, and Chaka Khan.

It takes you from being on stage at the clubs to backstage at the concerts. It includes backstabbing co-workers, in studio arguments, closed door meetings, top secret information, battles with station management, battles with personal demons, and sexual escapades with some of the hottest women in America.Yet the author goes beyond simply telling sex stories for entertainment. Chapman makes this book a must read by delving deeper into the psychological reasons and life experiences that affect the male sex drive, particularly for males in the spotlight, and by tackling the unspoken reasons for the continuous rise of HIV and AIDS cases.

This book is also a must read if youre a music lover, as it contains valuable info from the past 40 years of R&B, funk, rock, jazz, disco, house, and hip-hop.Sex Time And Radio also contains secret info on the following subjects: how radio stations schedule their weekly playlists- the origins of how comedians became prevalent in urban radio- how and why hip-hop was used to dumb down the content of on-air personalities in the 2000s- the origins and effects of corporate takeover on the broadcast industry.

Chapman dispenses with concerns of upholding positive images to tell the truth from a behind the scenes point of view. Sex Time And Radio covers the entire lifestyle of a radio personality in the hip-hop and R&B world of the 90s and 2000s, Raw and Uncut! So if youve ever wondered what its really like to be the person behind the microphone, or wondered why radio isnt quite as good as it used to be, the answers to those questions, and more, are in this book.Now the only question is: are you ready for S.T.A.R.

time?Sex Time And Radio contains five parts. Each part is like a CD and each chapter is like a song.PART 1: BLUEPRINT OF A RADIO STARSomething has to drive a person to want the on-air spotlight, and it usually aint all good. Includes the chapters:Blood in the Basement/Records, Cards, Books & Panties/School Daze of a Prisoner/Touch Me Tease Me/House Party/The Price of Prestige/The Cool Scholar of New YorkPART 2: REBEL MUSIC OF A SEX MACHINESome people just want to be on the radio, others want to have an impact.

The events and the music that created the difference. Includes the chapters:Rebirth and Death/Cmon Ride the Train/OutKast/The New P-Funk/Sleeping with the Enemy/Sacrifice of a Sex Machine/Measuring Up/Rage Against the MachinePART 3: THE CULT OF PERSONALITYTales from inside a legendary big city radio station. Includes:The 20 Dollar Challenge/The Name Game/Telephone Luv/Meet You at the Party/JB, Aaliyah, and the Dr. Dre-Tupac Battle from the GraveThe Rotation/Say My Name, Say My Name/Goin Postal/Livin Like a Rock Star (And the Legend of the 3rd Floor)/Birthday Licks/SexorcismPART 4: ROAD WARRIOR ON THE INDUSTRY MAPMany air personalities dont work in the cities theyre from, and radio away from home is a whole different world.

Includes:Comin on Like a Hurricane!/Day & Night/Goin Up in Smoke/If You Cant Rock Me/Am I Crunk Enough for You? /Wish You Were Here/Subliminal Sedusa/Head GamesLuther Vandross, Too Short & the Rape Factor/Fear of Flying/Youre Gonna Have to Earn It!/Diamond Dave DolemitePART 5: COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWNThe decline and rebirth of a personality- the decline of the radio industry. Includes:Money for Nothin/Exile on Sex Street/Anger/Last Dance with Mary Jane/Mo Sex, Mo Struggle/Basement Legends & Website Obsessions/Too GoodFor more info, go to

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